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Enterprise Management Concept
Strict organization, sentient leadership, ruthless management, Heartless system.
Handle affairs in accordance with the procedures; supervise staffs with the system-----advance the refined management comprehensively from the system and the supervision.
Tamp the foundation of the refined management by improving system. Combining with the IS0 management system upgrade, Qiguang Group has carried out comprehensive revisions and perfections on management system and business processes, besides, Qiguang Group has enacted and completed successively a batch of new system and the new regulations that can adapt to the development needs of the company; what’s more, Qiguang Group has revised work instructions for every department. In this way, Qiguang Group has standardized the process and improved the management.
Enterprise Operation Concept
Honesty oriented; customer foremost.
Enjoy the glorious moon and the moonlight by the sea -- when creativeness and thoughts hover over the sky, the movement is being composed by art.
To pursue the strongest enterprise rather then the biggest one. Pursuing reputation and creating reputation is the goal and the mission of Qiguang.
What Qiguang Group marketing is not products, plans, or actions, but the conception of enterprise. In the torrent of marketing, what is left is customers' distinct memory of Qiguang Group, and what Qiguang Group is pursuing is the artistic conception like picking up shells and enjoying the glorious moon by the sea.
Enterprise Development Concept
Habbits affect characteristics;     characteristics affects destiny;
thoughts affect prospect;           concepts affect development;
detials affect success or failure.

Sky is blue and boundless allowing birds' free flying -- vast;
Sea is broad and extensive allowing fishes' free jumps -- merge.
Qiguang Group thirsts for coacervation of silver sand, twinkle of dimand, soft roughness, and stability of towering rock. Toleration grows when there is conflict of differences; innovatoin arises when unity forms; we change our mind after deep thought and the concepts affect development.
Enterprise's Ideas of Responsibilities
Create values for customers, chances for employees, and benifit for the society.
"Fully display one's talent and achieve self-actualization" -- attach great importance to the discovery of employees' potential and the actualization of self-value.
From Qiguang Group's point of view, only when individual goals of employees are in the same direction as the enterprise's development goal, will the enterprise win prosperity and the employees make progress. The effective combination of the goals realizes "happy working" of employees, which is Qiguang's distinctive art of management.
Enterprise Service Tenet
Every minor matter of customers is our important task
"Plato. Love of Swan Lake " -- we fall in love and it is doomed to be eternal.
Before today, you made the acquaintance of Qiguang Group because of the faith that people should not be afraid of poverty, hardships and troubles. Today, you get married with Qiguang Group because of the view that people should remember the past sufferings and be grateful to those who heped you. From now on, Qiguang Group has the commitment of being with you for the rest of life. Platonic love is romantic; Love of Swan Lake is touching; and Qiguang's considerate service to customers, treating customers' minor matter as important taks, is consistent. As time goes by, environment changes, and the primal immaturity becomes maturity, Qiguang's service awareness and concept never change.
Enterprise Teamwork Spirit
Unite in a concerted effort and make progress hand in hand;
pool wisdom and effort of each member to become stronger and stronger.

The strength of unity can move Mount Taishan -- keep endowing new connotation to teamwork spirit.
The basis of building city wall is the tight combination between bricks, which is called cohesive power. On the background of the company's shifting to market economy and participating in international competition, it is of great importance for an organizaion or an enterprise to carry forward unity and cooperation spirit. Qiguang people always adhere to the team concept of "based on integrity, to seek for reliance throught high quality; doing business just like being a man". Moreover, Qiguang cultivates teamwork spirit in the company from aspects of "international perspectives", "systematic abilities" and "brave and resourceful strategy".
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