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Talent Strategy
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1.People Oriented:
1.1 Train talented individuals, cultivate talents team, and develop the scale effect of HR team;
1.2 Create a stage to develop talent, utmostly using the brain.
2.Seek for talents:
2.1 To seek for talents inside the company to develop the main role of the company internal talents;
2.2 To seek for talents all over the world to invite high-level talents;
2.3 To seek for support from foreign cooperative administrator and experts, integrating with internation power.
3.Develop Human Resource:
3.1 Leaders of the company form a professional elite team;
3.2 Train all the internal workers and staff;
3.3 Accomplish positive effects on external customers and the public.
4.Employment Principles:
4.1 Knowing about employees: to know, understand and respect employees, and to discover their potential as well as know their appearance;
4.2 Being kind to employees: to create favorable enviroment to delight employees; do not expect things to be perfect, and allow them to improve self-discipline;
4.3 Offering chances: to offer stages for every employee to achieve talent, and to create chances of learning, development and promotion;
4.4 Being a nice person: be faithful, kind, tolerant to others; do not cause damage to company; be devoted and satisfied with work; regard the company as home, sharing weal or woe with the company.
5.Fair Competition:
5.1 Flexible competition with equal chances, and finally appoint people on their merit;
5.2 No prejudice against gender, native place or physical characteristics;
5.3 No discrimination on rank of schoolfellow and background conditions;
5.4 No recruitment preference of leaders.
6.Keep regular liquidity of employees:
6.1 If the members of employees stay alike, the company will fall into a lifeless condition where employees have no pressure of compitition;
6.2 Frequent liquidity of employees will lead to the lost of strong team and accumulated technique.
7.Effectively take advantage of social talents by taking in mature-type talents and developing-type talents; treat talents as increasing capital that is inexhaustible.
8.Match up the career planning of talents with the development goals of the company HR, so that they could develop themselves with the company.
9.Diversity and richness of work.
Change the mode of fixed and single position for employees, and timely transfer employees' position and working place, to facilitate their comprehensive development as well as keep their passion, sense of freshness and challenge to work.
10.Establish promotion machanism so that employees could have the chance to be promoted by working hard.
11.Utmostly hold systemized and rationalized activities to discover and dig out talents.
12.Appoint top talents to important positons who break the conventional mechanism and become outstanding.
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